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The beauty and durability of granite slabs and tiles have made them a favorite surface throughout the ages. Egyptian pyramids and Hindu temples featured granite to honor the pharaohs and gods, while it became a popular material in Scottish royal architecture. Attractive and naturally stain-resistant, granite enhances commercial architectural design and residential homes as kitchen and bathroom countertops in Phoenix, even when used in mudrooms and workshops. Find the ideal granite stone slab or tile for your next project from Madera’s selection of more than 90 variations of this natural countertops in Phoenix.

ALPINE SLAB granite countertops phoenix


ANDROMEDA SLAB countertops phoenix


APHRODITE SLAB countertops in phoenix


ATACAMA SLAB countertops phoenix az


AZUL BAHIA SLAB granite counter top phoenix

Azul Bahia

BIANCO ANTICO SLAB counter tops phoenix

Bianco Antico

BIANCO MONTANHA SLAB contertops near phoenix

Bianco Montanha

BIANCO ROMANO SUPREME SLAB countertops phoenix az

Bianco Romano

BIANCO TYPHOON SLAB granite countertops phoenix arizona

Bianco Typhoon

BLIZZARD SLAB phenix countertops


COLONIAL WHITE SLAB granite countertops phoenix

Colonial White

CRYSTAL BLUE SLAB granite countertops phenix az

Crystal Blue

DALLAS WHITE SLAB Granite countertop company phoenix

Dallas White

DELICATUS WHITE SLAB granite kitchen countertops

Delicatus White

GALAXY BLACK SLAB granite kitchen coutertops phoenix

Galaxy Black

INDIAN PREMIUM BLACK SLAB granite kitchend countertops phoenix az

Indian Premium

KALAHARI SLAB granite kitchen countertops phoenix arizona


KASHMIRE CREAM SLAB arizona countertops

Kashmire Cream

KONA CREAM SLAB granite countertops arizona

Kona Cream

MONTE CRISTO SLAB granite az countertops

Monte Cristo

MOON WHITE SLAB granite coutertops arizona

Moon White

MYSTIC GREY SATIN SLAB granite kitchen countertops arizona

Mystic Grey Satin

PEBBLE BEACH SLAB kitchen countertops granite arizona

Pebble Beach

RIVER WHITE SLAB kitchen countertops granite az

River White

SILVER FALLS SLAB granite coutnertops phoenix

Silver Falls

SILVER LENNON SLAB countertops phoenix

Silver Lennon

SMOKEY PEARL SLAB kitchen countertops phoenix

Smokey Pearl

SNOWRIDGE SLAB best kitchen countertops phoenix


ST CECILIA WHITE SLAB kitchen countertops phoenix az

ST Cecilia White

STEEL GREY SLAB kitchen countertops phoenix az

Steel Grey

TITANIUM SLAB arizona granite countertops


TOURMALINE SLAB best arizona granite countertops


TWILL BLACK countertops phoenix

Twill Black

VAHALLA SLAB granite countertops phoenix


VALLE NEVADO SLAB counter tops phoenix

Valle Nevado

VERDE UBATUBA SLAB countertops phx

Verde Ubatuba

VINTAGE SLAB quality contertops phoenix


VISCOUNT WHITE SLAB coutertops phoenix

Viscount White

WATERFALL SLAB countertops phoenix az


WHITE KNIGHT SLAB countertops phoenix arizona

White Knight

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