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This week we’re featuring yours truly, Madera Cabinets!

Madera was founded as a cabinetry business by two partners in 2016. Shortly after, in 2018, co-founder Bobby Barko became CEO, purchased his partner’s equity, and is now the sole proprietor of Madera Cabinets. Today, Madera Cabinets is a cabinetry and countertop company that provides their clients in the greater Phoenix, AZ area with full-service kitchen and bathroom designs, top of the line cabinetry and countertop materials, and installation.

Madera Cabinets works with both residential and commercial spaces,” co-founder Bobby Barko says. “From homeowners experiencing their very first home remodel, to large architectural and contracting firms, we have the products, services, and know-how to tackle it all. Our goal is simple, to provide the best Arizona cabinets.”

The Madera Mindset

The thing that really sets Madera apart from the competition is our mindset. Rather than looking at challenges as something that will make our jobs difficult, we look at them as an opportunity to learn, grow, and ultimately provide better services to our clients.

“Mindset has always been an important factor in our growth,” Bobby says. “Instead of writing off trying times as a defeat, I have viewed challenges as a gift, an incredible opportunity for us to learn more about our clients, our company and ourselves. This mindset is something that our team encourages each other to share and is a regular topic of discussion in our office.”

This mindset helps Bobby and his team constantly look for ways to be better for themselves, the company, and our clients.

“As professionals we owe it to these good people to come through for them and honor all they have been through. If you are truly pushing yourself to be great – a great professional, a great person, a great partner, parent, and friend – then each day is a new opportunity to learn from yesterday.”

Have a Little Heart

The value that we place on our clients and team members cannot be understated. We pride ourselves on inviting each person we work with – both internally and externally – into the Madera Family where we all fight for each other’s best interests.

“I will say that the “heart” of a company can be a game changer in differentiating one company from another – My team has a huge heart,” Bobby says. “We genuinely care about our client’s experience, not just above profit. There is a great responsibility in accepting someone’s hard earned money. It is our duty to ensure that our clients never feel like they received less than what they paid for. We do not look for the easiest solution or the solution that benefits us the most but look for the solution that our clients deserve.”

Looking Ahead

There’s no doubt that last year was a difficult year. But, in true Madera fashion, Bobby and his team and looking forward to new opportunities on the bright Phoenix horizon:

“We are extremely excited for this year. We look forward to implementing new processes that make our process even more transparent and catered to each individual client. Along with the amazing partnerships that we have formed with local cabinet & countertop manufacturers, we are branching out, forming relationships with local custom cabinetry builders, interior designers, and general contractors.”

If you’re looking for the best kitchen cabinets in Phoenix for your residential or commercial project, look no further! Call Madera today at 480-664-0343 or visit our Mesa showroom at 745 W Baseline Rd.

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