The Best Countertops In Phoenix

So, what makes Madera’s Countertop Collection “The Best Countertops in Phoenix”? We abide by the same standards that we do for our custom cabinet collection. We only offer products that we believe in enough to offer a lifetime warranty, to ensure that our clients will be 100% secure and satisfied with their purchase. The key is to offer high quality, trend setting products, coupled with unparalleled customer service and hire countertop fabricators that are simply the best in Arizona at their trade. Madera’s countertop collections have options to fit any design need, style preference and budget demands. If you are looking for the best countertop experience that Phoenix has to offer, then you have come to the right place.

Countertops in Phoenix

Madera Quartz Countertops

Quartz slabs give every space a contemporary and elegant look. Madera’s unique Della Terra® Quartz blends the beauty of quartz with innovative technology to create a surface with long-lasting durability for use in commercial and residential projects. A popular choice in kitchens and baths countertops in Phoenix, this quartz maintains its stunning appearance in even heavy-use areas. Browse Madera’s large selection of quartz slab colors and patterns for the one that completes your next countertop project in Phoenix.

ABSOLUTE WHITE HONED SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Absolute White Honed

ABSOLUTE WHITE POLISHED SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Absolute White Polished

ALUMINUM SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


APOLLO SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


ARCO HONED SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Arco Honed

BERTOLI SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


BIANCO LEVANTO SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Bianco Levanto

BIANCO TIZA SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Bianco Tize

BIANCONE SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


BLANCO GENOVA SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Blanco Genova

CALACATTA BELLATRIX SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Calacatta Bellatrix

CALACATTA JUBILEE SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Calacatta Jubilee

CALACATTA Jubilee SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Calacatta Jubilee

CALACATTA MAYWOOD SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Calacatta Maywood

CALACATTA MIRANDA SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Calacatta Miranda

CITRINE SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


HANA SKY SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Hana Sky

METROPOLIS BROWN SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Metropolis Brown

METROPOLIS DARK SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

Metropolis Dark

MONTENEGRO SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


NEW VENATINO BEIGE SLAB quartz countertops phoenix

New Venatino

OCEANA SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


PALMERI SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


RENOIR SLAB quartz countertops phoenix


Countertops Phoenix

Madera Marble Countertops

Transform your space with the timeless beauty of marble slabs and tiles. Created by the re-crystallization of limestone under extreme heat and pressure in the earth, every piece of marble slab and tile has its own unique veining, patterns, colors, and swirls. Marble is ideal for interior, residential, and commercial floors, cladding, fireplaces, kitchens, baths, and all countertop projects in Phoenix. Explore Madera’s 45+ shades and styles to find the perfect marble for your next project that needs countertops in phoenix.

ARABESCATO BELGIA SLAB marble coutertops phoenix

Arabescato Belgia

ARABESCATO SLAB countertops phoenix


BARDIGLIO SLAB arizona countertops


BIANCO CARRARA HONED marble kitchen countertops

Bianco Carrara Honed

BIANCO CARRARA marble kitchen countertops phoenix

Bianco Carrara

BIANCO VENATINO HONED marble kitchen countertops phoenix az

Bianco Venatino Honed

BIANCO VENATINO marble kitchen countertops phoenix arizona

Bianco Venatino

CALACATTA BLUETTE countertops phoenix

Calacatta Bluette

CALACATTA CALDIA custom marble countertops phoenix

Calacatta Caldia

CALACATTA CALDIA SATIN countertops around phenix

Calacatta Caldia Satin

CALACATTA CAPIXABA SLAB countertops phoenix

Calacatta Capixaba

CALACATTA COLORADO countertops phoenix

Calacatta Colorado

CALACATTA GOLD TIF SLAB marble countertops phoenix

Calacatta Gold Tif

CALACATTA GOLD VEIN SLAB kitchen countertops marble phoenix

Calacatta Gold Vein

CALACATTA UMBER SLAB cutsom countertops phoenix

Calacatta Umber

CARRARA EXTRA SLAB custom marble countertops phoenix

Carrara Extra

CARRARA SILVER SLAB marble countertop phoenix

Carrar Silver

CREMA MARFIL SLAB countertop phoenix

Crema Marfil

FANTASY OCEAN SLAB countertop phoenix az

Fantasy Ocean

FANTASY SILVER SLAB countertop phoenix arizona

Fantasy Silver

FANTASY WHITE SATIN SLAB kitchen countertop phoenix

Fantasy White Satin

IMPERIAL DANBY HONED SLAB kitchen marble countertop phoenix arizona

Imperial Danby

MONTCLAIR WHITE SLAB countertops phoenix

Montclair White

NEGRO MARQUINA SLAB marble countertops phoenix

Negro Marquina

OLYMPIAN WHITE HONED SLAB countertops phoenix

Olympian White

OPAL WHITE SATIN SLAB countertops phoenix az

Opal White Satin

SALT WHITE EXTRA SLAB phoenix kichen countertops

Salt White

THASSOS WHITE SLAB countertops phoenix

Thassos White

WHITE TRUFFLE SLAB marble countertops phoenix

White Truffle

Countertops Phoenix

Madera Quartzite Countertops

Attractive quartzite slabs bring magnificence and durability to every room and space. Featured for centuries on flooring surfaces, today innovative designers have used it to create strikingly beautiful décor on a variety of indoor surfaces. Quartzite remains an excellent choice for kitchen countertops in phoenix, or anywhere your imagination can take you. Explore Madera’s wide selection of quartzite slabs to find the perfect look for your countertop project in Phoenix.

ARTEMIS SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


BEVERLY BLUE SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Beverly Blue

BLUE TAHOE SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Blue Tahoe

BRILLIANT BLACK SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Brilliant Black

CALACATTA SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


CALACATTA TAUPE SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Calacatta Taupe

CRISTALLO CITRINO SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Cristallo Citrino

DAKAR SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


GREYSTOKE SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


IJEN BLUE SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Ijen Blue

LAVEZZI SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


LEBLON SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


MACAUBUS WHITE SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Macaubus White

MONT BLANC SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Mont Blanc

NICKEL SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


PLATINUM SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


TAJ MAHAL SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

Taj Mahal

VANCOUVER SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix


WHITE PEARL SLAB quartzite countertops phoenix

White Pearl

Countertops Phoenix

Madera Granite Countertops

The beauty and durability of granite slabs and tiles have made them a favorite surface throughout the ages. Egyptian pyramids and Hindu temples featured granite to honor the pharaohs and gods, while it became a popular material in Scottish royal architecture. Attractive and naturally stain-resistant, granite enhances commercial architectural design and residential homes as kitchen and bathroom countertops in Phoenix, even when used in mudrooms and workshops. Find the ideal granite stone slab or tile for your next project from Madera’s selection of more than 90 variations of this natural countertops in Phoenix.

ALPINE SLAB granite countertops phoenix


ANDROMEDA SLAB countertops phoenix


APHRODITE SLAB countertops in phoenix


ATACAMA SLAB countertops phoenix az


AZUL BAHIA SLAB granite counter top phoenix

Azul Bahia

BIANCO ANTICO SLAB counter tops phoenix

Bianco Antico

BIANCO MONTANHA SLAB contertops near phoenix

Bianco Montanha

BIANCO ROMANO SUPREME SLAB countertops phoenix az

Bianco Romano

BIANCO TYPHOON SLAB granite countertops phoenix arizona

Bianco Typhoon

BLIZZARD SLAB phenix countertops


COLONIAL WHITE SLAB granite countertops phoenix

Colonial White

CRYSTAL BLUE SLAB granite countertops phenix az

Crystal Blue

DALLAS WHITE SLAB Granite countertop company phoenix

Dallas White

DELICATUS WHITE SLAB granite kitchen countertops

Delicatus White

GALAXY BLACK SLAB granite kitchen coutertops phoenix

Galaxy Black

INDIAN PREMIUM BLACK SLAB granite kitchend countertops phoenix az

Indian Premium

KALAHARI SLAB granite kitchen countertops phoenix arizona


KASHMIRE CREAM SLAB arizona countertops

Kashmire Cream

KONA CREAM SLAB granite countertops arizona

Kona Cream

MONTE CRISTO SLAB granite az countertops

Monte Cristo

MOON WHITE SLAB granite coutertops arizona

Moon White

MYSTIC GREY SATIN SLAB granite kitchen countertops arizona

Mystic Grey Satin

PEBBLE BEACH SLAB kitchen countertops granite arizona

Pebble Beach

RIVER WHITE SLAB kitchen countertops granite az

River White

SILVER FALLS SLAB granite coutnertops phoenix

Silver Falls

SILVER LENNON SLAB countertops phoenix

Silver Lennon

SMOKEY PEARL SLAB kitchen countertops phoenix

Smokey Pearl

SNOWRIDGE SLAB best kitchen countertops phoenix


ST CECILIA WHITE SLAB kitchen countertops phoenix az

ST Cecilia White

STEEL GREY SLAB kitchen countertops phoenix az

Steel Grey

TITANIUM SLAB arizona granite countertops


TOURMALINE SLAB best arizona granite countertops


TWILL BLACK countertops phoenix

Twill Black

VAHALLA SLAB granite countertops phoenix


VALLE NEVADO SLAB counter tops phoenix

Valle Nevado

VERDE UBATUBA SLAB countertops phx

Verde Ubatuba

VINTAGE SLAB quality contertops phoenix


VISCOUNT WHITE SLAB coutertops phoenix

Viscount White

WATERFALL SLAB countertops phoenix az


WHITE KNIGHT SLAB countertops phoenix arizona

White Knight

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