Why Are Arizonians Choosing Laminate Cabinets Over Real Wood?

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Are You A Candidate For Laminate Cabinetry?

Laminated cabinets do not always have the best reputation in the home improvement industry. However, not all laminates are created equal, and the advances make higher quality laminates an excellent alternative to wood cabinets. If you are wondering why someone would choose laminate over wood for their cabinets, here are some legitimately good reasons.

1. At A Glance, You Can’t Tell The Difference.

Even upon close inspection, laminate cabinet doors designed to replicate wood look exactly like wood, right down to the grooves and grains. Homeowners can select any laminate wood option they want from Madera’s Luxe catalog of finishes for a fraction of the price of real wood cabinetry without any of the worry regarding warping, staining, or expensive replacement costs long term. Laminated wood grain finishes include minimal wood grain appearances as well as finishes rich with textural or Knotty appeal.

2. If Your Taste Is For A High Quality, Luxury Look Without Breaking The Bank.

Laminated cabinetry will always cost less than solid wood cabinetry. This makes it easy for those looking to design their space on a budget and achieve a luxury look without the steep price tag. Madera’s built to order frameless construction allow for 100% customized cabinetry design aspects. With the cost of laminated finishes all roughly in the same price category, you can pick from hundreds of finish options for your space without worrying about the price creeping up from finish to finish. You can find of variety of door styles and colors here: custom cabinets in Phoenix.

3. You Need A Low Maintenance Product That Will Withstand Heavy Wear And Tear.

Does your kitchen take a beating daily? Maybe two working adults and a couple little ones running around?

This requires cabinet doors and drawers that can handle the daily knocks, drips and spills, without requiring high-maintenance resolutions. Laminated cabinetry materials will stand the test of time, even under constant use.

Laminated cabinetry is low maintenance, they are practically no-maintenance. They can be wiped and cleaned with normal cleaners, do not have to be polished or oiled, and can handle sticky liquids hanging on all day without suffering any damage. That is simply not the case with wood cabinetry, which must be treated with a certain level of care.

4. Lifetime Warranties Are Important To You.

Wood cabinetry warranties are minimal, especially in the dry dessert of Arizona, because wood is much more prone to suffer damage, warping and chipping. In contrast, most laminated cabinetry products (including Madera’s Luxe products) come with extensive warranties covering the lifetime of homeownership against peeling, blistering, and cracking under normal conditions, which is phenomenal. This provides homeowners with exceptional piece of mind. Click here for more information about our kitchen cabinets Mesa Az area.

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